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Your Freight Forwarding Service Specialists

Today, after 13 years of work in the field of global freight forwarding, We understood that managers in the global business world who deal with import / export, obliged to accept and deliver decisions and reliable results and are accurate, material implications - without the extensive knowledge and training.
Simba-log provides decision makers in professional solutions which make accessible to them the forwarding chain logistics activities at all levels.
Since 2014, Simba-log goal is to simplify and clarify the import and export processes so that each administrator can focus on professional challenges without the risk of costly errors.
Simba-log Enterprise Chamber of the message and the Israeli umbrella organization of customs agents and international forwarders
To take a Decisions with Simba-log
During more than 13 years of accumulated Simba-log network of approximately 280 agents across the globe who represent faithfully the message that one of the company - reliability and professionalism
Our mission
To Make the world closer! for more than 13 years of working global, we gather network of agents throughout the world which faithfully reflect our message - Professionalism and Reliability

Cargo Shipping Containers
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