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As a global freight forwarding & Logistics company with background in serving the global e-commerce shipper, Simba-log got freight method to complete any kind freight & logistics need in the unique complexities of this non-traditional business call E-commerce industry.

In case that you source products in China or any other place in Asia and need end customer delivery in USA or Europe Australia/New Zealand, Simba-Log has the capabilities and systems to handle the logistics & forwarding challenges of global traders, we well informed that there will be supply demand, so we are always ready to expand or apply our resources depending on your needs, including moving large quantities of cargo quickly and adding more Simba-log staff to work your orders. We offer logistics system that produce global services such as: warehouse, freight forwarding, custom clearance, ground service delivery

Simba-Log truly believe that freight & logistics play a major value in your business’s development and work hard to modify our services to each customer’s specific needs, delivering scalable solutions that help optimize overall costs and improve supply chain visibility, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our affiliation is successful because we work with our customer to continually improve upon and provide new ideas from begging to the end to complete e-commerce freight & logistics process.

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